See how an outsiders’ perspective can change yours. ILEA Live takes experts from parallel inudstries and applies their insights to events. One focused on business, one on creativity, amazing insight from people who are thought leaders you’ve never heard before. Best yet, ILEA will give you a chance to get one-on-one with keynotes after their presentation.  

Opening Session: The Ruckus! An Industry Disruption Adventure

David Adler, BizBash

Filesharing reshaped the music industry. Smartphones permanently altered the taxi industry. The Internet gamechanged television. If you are not in front of disruption, you become a victim of it. This interactive general session will involve the collective brainpower of conference attendees as we discuss and share digitally the ideas that we feel are going to bring change to all of us... fast.

The Art of Being Unmistakable

Srinivas Rao, Host and Founder of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast and Author of Unmistakable

Srini Rao will share how to ignore best practices, trust your intuition, develop creative ideas and breakthrough solutions to solve problems. You'll learn how to think like artists as opposed to marketers, embracing a compass instead of a map. Unmistakable art needs no signature. As soon as it’s in front of you, you know exactly who created it, like Banksy’s street art or Tim Burton’s films. Whether you’re a business owner, artist, or anything in between, when your work is unmistakable, your competition becomes irrelevant. They can’t copy you. 

The key to being unmistakable is to stop trying to be the best–because that would mean you’re sticking to plans and rules that have already been set for you, choosing what’s safe and reliable. Rao argues that your most meaningful, impactful, and joyful work exists outside the “being the best” mindset, if you can strip away the expectations and pressure that you’ve internalized–to lead you to be the only.

Creative Lessons from the Fashion Industry

Johanna Blakley, PhD, Managing Director at the Norman Lear Center

The experiential industry lives and breathes ideas.  Creativity is our currency.  We take pride in the concepts our people generate and we guard closely our styles, creativity, sources. Let’s be frank - we are a competitive bunch. But what if being so guarded isn’t helping, but hurting your business?

In this keynote, Johanna Blakley takes us on an exploratory journey through another creative industry - fashion - and will demonstrate how that free-wheeling, idea-stealing, patent-less, copyright-free industry actually drives innovative thought and raises the bar for everyone. Rather than build walls around your creativity, let it fly free and drive your business further. Get a sneak peek of Johanna's session.

Closing Session: Boom!

Ciaran Gribbin, Recording Artist, Most Recent Lead Singer of INXS

Join Grammy nominated songwriter and former INXS lead Singer, Ciaran Gribbin, on a spectacular journey that will not only add the perfect crescendo to your two and a half days of creative inspiration, but will launch the closing party as only ILEA can. 


*Subject to change