Stretch your mind and expand how you look at things. Things like tech. Like innovation. Like disruptive forces. The goal is to help you work towards the future to remain a few steps ahead. The formats will differ each day, but they will excite and incite for sure.


Culinary Exploration Through the Senses

Liana Robberect & Jason McKay, WinSport

The culinary masters at Winsport in Calgary will inspire you to explore your inner food fanatic. This inspiring session explores how to leverage the senses when designing, selling, and displaying with food. Texture, aroma, taste, shape — come take this culinary journey of the senses.

Other Inspiration Sessions Include:


Learn & Burn: Sunrise Exercise Class

Kevin White, Founder & Chief Strategist at XPL

For those who treat their body well, this unique session will allow you to experience Calgary as it is waking up. A combination exercise session and thought talk, you will learn the power of sensory stimulation and exercise on attendees while you stretch, reach and get that heart rate up. Inspiration, all before breakfast!


360 Degree Immersion

Paul Whitney, bluemedia

As technology leaps ahead, the use of 360 projection is becoming more and more common at events of all sizes.  Come see a Bluemedia dome installed right in our very own hotel and explore the possibilities of this immersive experience.


Creative Audience Engagement

Richard Foulkes, CSEP, Independent Producer

This fast and furious interactive session looks at 12 unique methods of audience engagement that can be instantly implemented into your events. These techniques will then evolve, using attendees input, to increase exponentially the idea output. See how this global event director has reached in and grabbed audiences for over thirty years.


Visual Disruption

Robert Dunsmore, Independent Creative Director

Thirty-eight percent of your brain is used to process visual stimulation. Leveraging this stimulation domination are scientists, artists, materials experts, and a variety of other experts hoping to engage the human mind even further. This session will look at those who are pushing the visual artistry boundaries and how brands are using this visual iconography to redefine how they want to be seen.

Express Your Tech

PRG Production Team

Visual stimulation. Deeper engagement. Immersive moments. The team at PRG will whisk you through five amazing technologies that are re-shaping events. Learn how they can be used in a variety of event markets and for budgets big and small.

*Subject to change