You Need Focus and Depth

If you are driving design, managing teams, or are responsible for the bottom line of your experiential company, you don’t need 101’s. You are seeking experts who provide actionable items and a collection of multi-day content that is laser-focused on creative business success.  

ILEA Live provides an experience like few other event shows. Our size provides more powerful networking. Our content is designed to be immediately actionable. Our goal is to allow you to get to what’s important for your business – better results. ILEA Live's engaging education program brings the audience into the learning process as active members and provides valuable opportunities for you to earn continuing education units.

What to Expect

You don’t want just one or two great ideas. You want to know how to generate hundreds of great ideas. ILEA Live will shift your thinking; not just hand you examples.  The conference has three educational pillars:

Empowering Creativity

Building Business

Inspiring New Thought

How We Deliver Content

ILEA Live continues its evolution by bringing you even greater engagement than years past.

Keynotes: See how an outsiders’ perspective can change yours. ILEA Live takes experts from parallel industries and applies their insights to events.  One focused on business, one on creativity, amazing insight from people who are thought leaders you’ve never heard before.  Best yet, ILEA will give you a chance to get one-on-one with keynotes after their presentation.

Workshops: In-depth workshops feature experts that offer a working insight into topics that impact your bottom line. Work with peers through skill sets, like nailing your finances and pricing structure, turning prospects into fanatics, or exponentially growing your idea generation and turning them into executable money makers. These sessions are limited in attendance and are on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Inspiration Sessions: Stretch your mind and expand how you look at things. Things like tech. Like innovation. Like disruptive forces. The goal is to help you work towards the future to remain a few steps ahead.  The formats will differ each day, but they will excite and incite for sure. 

Thought Talks: You don’t need filler.  You just need conversation. Shorter presentations are paired with time for audience engagement so that the focus is on the important stuff.

The C-Level Suite: This new track is for business owners with 10 years of ownership behind them. Kept strictly confidential, the power of this session is the open exchange between participants. The session extends through two days to allow the conversations to sink in and expand overnight before being revisited. *Don’t worry, ILEA has an E-Suite for employees only scheduled – everyone needs a chance to talk shop.


Photo Credit Kate Pope Photography