Who Attends ILEA Live?

Emerging and Established Creatives

It doesn’t matter if you are a stylist, product developer, graphic designer, builder, choreographer, script writer.  If you are looking for “your people” and looking to keep that creative saw sharp, ILEA Live is where you need to be.  Your company’s future depends on you.

Business Managers, Directors and Owners 

Everyone has a stake in the company, especially those responsible for making it run.  Dedicate time to focus on the fundamentals - ILEA Live is your personal business trainer and the place where your peers are opening up. Join them.

Passionate Practitioners

People stay in the events industry because of their passion. If you care about the where the industry is going, want your voice heard in the larger conversations or believe in the power of live events, lend your passion for two days and feel it replenished by the time you return home. 

ILEA Live attendees span a great range of roles in the experiential industry, come from a wide variety of places around the world, and cover a lot of experiential disciplines.

  • Event producers are the most attended segment by a significant margin. 
  • More than 80% of ILEA Live conference attendees have sole purchasing authority or are key decision makers regarding business purchases.
  • Attendees tend to have between ten and twenty years’ experience in the event industry.
  • ILEA members collectively spend over $21.6 billion on goods and services globally, either directly or on behalf of third party clients. See more details about ILEA's economic buying power.